orkar inte skriva allt en gång till så ni får nöja er med engelska

it’s been a busy day. started it off at the hospital to leave some blood samples and ended up running up and down 8 stairs in high heels because I’m terrified of elevators. spent some time at the library before mom picked me up and bought me lunch.

and then! I’m going on a job interview tomorrow (thursday) and since my hair was green and all of my clothes are pretty worn (and if you asked my mom probably not suited for an interview even when they were new) my mother unexpectedly:

  1. bought me a new sweater (since all my warm ‘upper body clothes’ are hoodies and apparently too ghetto for old people), new jeans or something that looks like jeans but are way more comfortable (because I only had one pair), two pairs of new winter tights (because all I have are torn), new pretty tights (ditto)
  2. payed me a visit to the barbershop TO HAVE MY HAIR DYED (real black this time, not green). it was totally ridiculous sitting there reading about what kirsten stewart wore to this and that event and leonardo di caprio’s love affairs while my favourite hair dresser did my hair to a ridiculous price BUT HEY it wasn’t my money so whatever

it was awesome, in a ridiculous way. afterwards I met up with lukstr and august and then we went to lukas’ place and ate pancakes. life’s GOOD.

but boy am I tired

I’m not even gonna watch interview with a vampire like I planned I’m just gonna shut my macbook and sleep as if I were dead

Postat av: Bodil

Cool story bro! sk x) Låter najs alltså ^^

Sv, Mycket möjligt jag rakade nämligen min sidecut själv denna gång, typ det läskigaste jag varit med om o.o xD

2011-09-22 @ 03:12:05
URL: http://specialcat.blogg.se/
Postat av: Gnarl

sv: JAAA BREVPAPPER, JAA! Jag vet precis vad du menar, haha. Alltså jag har ett superfult brevpapper i typ 'vintagestyle' med lite hjärtan och rosor i blekta färger och allmäna kvistar lite varstans. Det.är.så.fult.men.så.jävla.roligt.att.skicka.

Och btw: awesome. När mammor pröjsar för att man ska kunna se lite mer ordentlig ut.. Hey, vilka är vi att klaga? Älskart.

2011-09-22 @ 12:39:12
URL: http://totallyderp.blogg.se/
Postat av: Gnarl

sv: Du är typ bäst. Tokler varje gång du kommenterar mina fula inlägg haha och dog av fånig lycka när du tumblrade att jag tumblrar (märks kanske att jag gillar att böja tumblr) bra skor. Tack osv, du är så tjockt bra. Ett hjärta till dig: <3


2011-09-26 @ 10:45:27
URL: http://totallyderp.blogg.se/
Postat av: Bodil

Sv; Oh domo argigato desu~ 8)

2011-09-26 @ 19:50:39
URL: http://specialcat.blogg.se/

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