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Irina Werner är en fotograf som fascineras av gamla fotografier och som bland annat sysslar med att iscensätta gamla fotografier med samma personer fast i nutid. Jag tycker sånt här är ashäftigt! Både rent tekniskt, hur hon lyckats få nästan exakt samma ljus, kornighet och fokus i de nya fotografierna som i de gamla, och för att jag tycker det är jävlgit coolt att se hur människor behåller sitt utseende när de åldras. Se resten av bilderna här!

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Det här är typ det finaste jag sett. Det är Tom Sykes och Matt Nicholls. I kigurumis. Dör lite.

(Tom: bror till BMTH's sångare, Matt: BMTH's trummis).


Oliver talks about his tattoos

Oliver talks about his tattoos.

When Bring Me The Horizon’s Oliver Sykes pulls down his pants in the Revolver office to reveal a tattoo of a flying penis on his right thigh, right next to one of a steaming pile of feces that says, uh, “Eat shit,” all potential for serious conversation about body art goes right out the window. The 22 year old Sheffield, UK-based singer, who band recently released their new album, Suicide Season, has amassed an impressive amount of ink in just four years. He started with some self-drawn hearts on his stomach. “The tattooer was just so shitty,” Sykes says of the art, “He just used my sketch and put it on, it was kinda lame.” He’s since covered it up with a massive eagle. Unsurprisingly, his taste in tattoos - and tattoo artists - has greatly evolved since then, even if it hasn’t matured.

“This was just an idea that came into my head and I thought it would be funny. Every time someone sees it, they’ll just slap my hand. It’s pretty cool. [Laughs] Everyone always asks me if it’s real - they think I drew it on. It’s just hard to for tattoos to stay on the palm of your hand. This was the most painful tattoo ever. It only took about 15 minutes, but I was screaming. It was the most horrible thing ever. I couldn’t move my hand for about two days. Everyone kept seeing it and trying to high-five me and I was like “Don’t do it!”


“I don’t have any tattoos I regret, but I reckon I’ll regret the flying penis. I’m like the guy in Superbad who always draws cocks. Every time I got a pen and paper, I draw cocks. When I saw the movie, I was like, “That’s me!”. This was done by Alison Manners when we toured in Australia. I saw that she had been drawing dicks and I was so impressed. I was like, ‘“You’ve got to tattoo a cock on me!”. I also have a piece of turd. I did that myself. My friend bought a tattoo fun and we tattooed each other. I did loads of my friends as well, but I can’t tattoo so I have loads of friends with really bad tattoos. [Laughs]

“I have a clothing company called Drop Dead, so I thought it was something I could get on my knuckles. I’ve had the company about as long as the band, four years. I started it but now that we’re on tour so much, I don’t really have time to run it, so my family helps. The lines in a few stores but mainly online at the moment.”

“I got this done at Conspiracy ink. The guy who did this also did one of my sleeves. This was one of the most painful tattoos, and I think I’ve never been more scared of getting a tattoo then this time. Just to be near the Adam’s apple.. when I was getting tattooed, blood was actually squirting all over. When my mom saw it, she just cried her eyes out, I felt pretty bad.”

The tattoos and their meanings

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Det här är seriöst det finaste jag sett. Ever.
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