You'd been flirting with distance, princess, I tasted it's spit in your kiss

There was no sharp pain this time, just the ghost of your presence compressing my chest like a vine. An unshakable absensce like most of my insides crawled out of my mouth and went west. But that's fine. We cast our hearts in plaster; we imagined our bodies were fashioned of stone, but they chipped at the brick and mortar. We found out that we're only layers of skin hiding bones, and our bones are like chains, old and rusted in the rain. They're going to snap when the weight shifts.

I'll lay your bones into the earth and you will haunt my head no more, but as I buried your flames in the dirt I watched the smoke pull your ghost from the grave. And I fear they'll only lay in wait until we are face to face again. Just when I said, I'm moving, I'm moving on I felt them come to life again and again and again and again.

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