.. Don't be afraid of the dark 'cos the darkness is only a womb for the lonely

Walk tall beneath these trees boy, you monolith not scarred by the fallout
Us wolves we're right behind you and Lucifer will never find you, oh no!

The moon, let it guide you, when Selene comes we'll all know how to fight

Dear Fenrir, my saviour, come and eat the ones we know who taste the best

The moon, let it guide you and I shall find you a home in our Heartland

A Heart in our homeland

Postat av: clara


allt är så jävla vackeert på hösten <3<3<3

ditt svarta hår e ju fedt fint ! psycho-ish (<3)

va ere för låt?

2010-09-26 @ 18:42:37
URL: http://clowntheater.bogg.se
Postat av: Jessika


2010-09-27 @ 15:30:07
URL: http://shadowsea.blogg.se/

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