Pointless Super Powers

The ability to eat your own face

The power to see through solid glass, water, and air.

The power to undress yourself automatically when in the presence of a pedophile or rapist.

The power to shoot 3 cotton balls from your hands every 10 days.

The power to be god, but not exist.

The power to rule North Korea

The power to talk to slugs but not have them understand what your saying.

The ability to not lose The Game.

Filmkväll nu! Fast mest flumkväll. Jesper och Johan spelar guitar hero, Ostil är spårlöst fösrvunnen och Erika sitter bakom mig och jamar Sweet child of mine. Börjar bra!

Postat av: clara


the power to be god, but not exist<333

2010-11-01 @ 23:30:31
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