En svartvit värld

Vuxna... lever i en svartvit värld.

My dad was trying very hard to drag and drop the internet browsing window into the recycling bin. When I asked him what he was doing he told me, "I want to delete the internet from my computer."
Dylan G

My Dad's best friend's answering machine message says, (in a thick British accent) "Hi, you've reached...aaaaww Shiela it's bloody done it again!" *beep*
Jennifer Moss

My step dad heard an ad on the radio for a web site he wanted to visit but he thought he couldn't because we "don't get the .net channels."
Chris wits, Umass

My dad just showed me a channel on youtube he likes to watch and I told him he should subscribe to their channel. He told me he wouldn't because it costs money and that I should cancel my subscriptions because it's a waste of money if I can watch all the videos on youtube for free.
Zach Gasper

My mom, who is no stranger to checking emails, having accounts and the like decided to get a Facebook. When prompted to created a password she thought she had to fill the entire box, resulting in a complex 40+ character password that she forgot.
Andrew Fry

My grandpa wanted to send me a letter that had been sent to him so I could add it to a memory book he was making. So logically, he retyped the letter in all caps. He then printed that document out, scanned it, and then sent it to me. Good work grandpa...

Tommy Good

Today my dad's phone was making a noise he never heard before, so I looked at it and told him his battery was low. He told me to go out and look for a 3.7 Lithium battery. When I asked why, he said he needed a new battery for his phone.
Kevin B.

My 73 year-old boss uses two hands when using a mouse. One hand to move it, the other to click.
Kyle A., University of Minnesota

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